Biography for Marit Søndersrød

 I have my studio at Old Fornebu Cultur Center (GFK), the old airport of Oslo. 

Amongst other, I have a Master of Art Degree from Oslo University College of Applied Science, with in depth study in female self portraits, based on paintings. Many years as a teacher at different higher levels have given me essential knowledge within various forms of art – being of great value for me to-day as an artist.
I have also many years of experience as a designer and have created designs for interior textiles. I use this experience – more or less consciously – in the build-up of rhythm and repetitions in my paintings.

What fascinates me thematically, are the Norwegian nature, its seasonal changes, and variety in landscapes together with people’s relation to nature and to each other. My paintings have varied between non-figurative, abstract and figurative, but very seldom figurative in a realistic way.

I am extremely interested in colours, and am spending enormous time mixing colours and balancing the various colours with each other.  Recently the colours have become more or more broken – and applied layer on layer – often in contrast to a clean surface. I like that the spontaneous and often “raw” get a place so that parts of the process is present in the completed painting. I very rarely draw initial lines – the idea must be allowed sufficient space – and then I overpaint and tighten up gradually.

In my paintings – which often have layers on layers – the story may be multi-semantic. There may be several stories in the same painting.

Even if the nature and the people that inspire mostly, I may also find references in photos, TV or other visual media. In particular, the mood in a film may inspire me – both formally and content-wise.